Name This Place 8.3.1

Yesterday’s second post – a detail shot – didn’t fool CRPIII.  He correctly IDed it as the Alcorn County Courthouse in Corinth and knew it was a 1918 N.W. Overstreet building.


  • CRPIII – 6
  • Theodore – 5
  • Suzassippi – 3
  • Belinda – 2
  • ThomasRosell – 1
  • SusanAllen – 1

With 4 points up for grabs with each place, it’s still anyone’s game!

Here’s the first one for today:

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  1. This courthouse received a Community Heritage Preservation Grant a few years back but I can’t remember where it is located!


  2. Tallahatchie County Courthouse, Sumner, MS. Built 1909


  3. W S Hull, architects. (Current restoration architect is Belinda Stewart!)


  4. Nicely done Susan – 3 points to you on this one!


  5. Seems to be confusion about the date: MDAH puts it at 1910, USDA at 1909, and still other sources at 1902. Anyone got a cornerstone with a date on it?


  6. Here’s one reason why the confusion between the sources Susan noted. It’s from the National Register Nomination:

    “The Board of Supervisors contracted with F. B. and W.S. Hull to build a courthouse in Sumner . . . The cornerstone was laid July 3, 1903, and the building was completed later that year. However, a large fire struck downtown Sumner in September 1908 and the courthouse, among other buildings, was destroyed.

    County officials had the foresight to insure the building and received $22,500 in insurance proceeds, which were dedicated to the construction of a new courthouse. William S. Hull was the only architect to submit plans and specifications and was awarded the contract and designated as supervising architect. Hull’s design was almost a complete replica of the original courthouse . . .

    [O]n March 4, 1910, the supervising architect, William S. Hull, wrote the Board of Supervisors to advise them the building was complete.”

    Sumner was named the second of the county seats in 1902 – which is probably why several sources assume that’s when the courthouse was built. Having to rebuild after the 1908 fire led to the one we see today being built 1909 – 1910. We’ll go with MDAH’s 1910 date on this one – which since Susan noted it (and the discrepancies) earns her the additional point on this one.


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