Month: August 2011

A Tale of Two Domes, Finale

Today, guest author Blake Wintory concludes his fascinating examination of the two similar domes atop the Mississippi and Arkansas capitol buildings. If you are just joining us, jump back to the beginning and read from the beginning because it’s a… Read More ›

Preserving Ranch Houses

Although not really a new concept in the preservation world, the interest in preserving ranch houses and other mid-century buildings caught the attention of the Wall Street Journal in “Plain, Common . . . and Historic?.”

New Hope for Prospect Hill?

I interrupt this promised all-Vicksburg-themed week with an announcement I think is important enough to jump in unexpectedly. Yesterday, Jessica Crawford, the Southeast Regional Director of The Archaeological Conservancy, sent me this press release announcing the Conservancy’s recent purchase of… Read More ›

NHL Photo Contest

The National Park Service is giving everyone one more chance to enter photos in their 2011 NHL Photo Contest on Flickr.  They say: Due to confusion over the process for entering the 2011 NHL Photo Contest, we will be reopening… Read More ›

Charleston Cruise Ship Debate

The Wall Street Journal discusses the controversy in Charleston over the enormous cruise ship now calling the city its home. Unfortunately but predictably, the comments show how this local but significant debate, which should be about the sometimes uncomfortable interplay… Read More ›