Name This Place 8.2.2

Once again, I failed to stump everyone.  The 9 am entry today was the Jefferson Davis County Courthouse in Prentiss (W.S. Hull, 1907).

Some interesting things happened on the scoring of that one though – Theodore IDed it as a different building, but one that was W.S. Hull and Suzassippi and CRPIII posted the correct ID and location at the same time (according to Word Press) – although Suzassippi might have been just seconds faster.  Suzassippi then got the date posted.

Aren’t you glad I’m keeping track and not y’all?  Here’s how I awarded points:

  • Theodore – 1 for recognizing a W.S. Hull design (even if it was the wrong building)
  • Suzassippi & CRPIII – 2 each for correct ID & location
  • Suzassippi – 1 point for the date

Try this one out:

Categories: Contest, Historic Preservation

4 replies

  1. Alcorn County Courthouse in Corinth. Built in 1918 and architect was Overstreet.


  2. That is such a cool detail!


  3. How did I recognize it? We were sitting on the square last year listening to blue grass music and looking at the details of that beautiful building. I remembered the justice motifs instantly.


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