Name this Place 8.2.1

Yesterday, we started with the Humphreys County Courthouse in Belzoni (Kramer and Lindsley, 1921-22) for the 9 am post and the 1 pm post was the Attala County Courthouse in Kosciousko (correctly IDed by Belinda) built in 1897 (Thomas Rosell) by Andrew J. Bryan & Co., Architects (Susan Allen).

After one day, here’s where the points stand:

  • Theodore: 4
  • Belinda: 2
  • ThomasRosell: 1
  • Susan Allen: 1

Time to see how today’s images shake up the board:


Categories: Contest, Historic Preservation

12 replies

  1. I’ll take a guess. Perry County Courthouse, New Augusta. Built 1904. W.S. Hull, architect.


  2. Jefferson Davis County Courthouse, Prentiss MS, Architect Joseph Russell Perkins


  3. Jefferson Davis County Courthouse, Prentiss, MS, Architect Joseph Russell Perkins


  4. Jefferson Davis County Courthouse in Prentiss.


    • hmmm . . . the time stamp says that you and Suzassippi commented at the same time and you’re both right . . . so, as host AND judge, I’ll say it’s a tie and you get two points as well!


  5. Built in 1907 and the architect was W.S. Hull of Jackson.


  6. Oops, carelessness on my part! It was W. S. Hull, CRPIII!


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