101 MissPres Places: East/Central Mississippi Poll

After yet another 7th inning stretch in our polling for the 101 Mississippi Places list, we’re back into it with a chance to vote for your favorite places in the East Mississippi region. To avoid a huge glut in the Jackson poll, I’ve also had to add a few properties from what is more properly the Jackson metro area, such as Rankin County and Raymond. I hope this doesn’t skew the results too much, but then again, I’ve given up predicting the results, so how would I know they were skewed?

The poll will be open for two weeks, closing around midnight on Friday, June 24, 2o11. As always, I have listed the 24 properties up for consideration below and have done my best to link to at least a picture and any other documentation that might be helpful in your research.

Begin voting!

East and Central Mississippi

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