Name This Place 7.2.1

In yesterday’s first post, W. White became our first leader with two points by correctly identifying the capitals of the Old Capitol in Jackson and its architect William Nichols.  JRGordon followed up with information regarding the construction and subsequent restorations for one point.

Old Capitol Jackson, MS c. 1836

W. White then grabbed two more points by identifying the capitals of Stanton Hall in the second post.  Levi Weeks, Tom Barnes, Susan Allen, and JRGordon all picked up an extra point by filling in the details.

Stanton Hall Natchez, MS c. 1857

If you’re just joining us, jump right in, there’s plenty of time to make up points. Read The Rules, and be the first to Name This Place.

Current Standings

W. White: 4 points
JRGordon: 2 points
Levi Weeks: 1 point
Tom Barnes: 1 point
Susan Allen: 1 point

Today’s First Challenge:

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  1. I don’t think so; the columns on the Lyceum are ridged at the top, not smooth, and there is a flat piece on the brick (alongside the edge of the brick wall) that I don’t see visible here. The area above the columns (I don’t know what you guys call that) is a slightly different design as well. The one on the Lyceum only has two flat pieces with some type of raised trim in the center rather than the several smaller pieces seen here. The design at the top of the column is also similar, but slightly different.

    I think it is a church from somewhere, but maybe a courthouse?


  2. It is not the Lyceum


  3. This is the First Baptist Church in Canton built in 1918. I don’t know the architect.


  4. First Baptist Church, Canton. R.H. Hunt was the architect and the construction date is 1918


  5. Although we often think about Hunt being primarily a courthouse (Leflore County Courthouse in Greenwood) and college (Lee, McCain Engineering, Carpenter, and Montgomery Halls at MSU, the original campus master plan for USM) architect in Mississippi, Hunt designed churches as well. The 1908 First Baptist Church in Columbus is another example of Hunt’s ecclesiastical architecture.


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