Vacation Postcards: Woodland Court, Newton

MissPres has gone over the river and through the woods for Thanksgiving, but we’re sending postcards back from Mississippi’s past.

WOODLAND COURT, Newton, Miss. Fireproof--14 Bedrooms, All Year Air Conditioning, Tile Baths, Carpeted Floors, Beauty Rest Mattresses, Big Picture Windows, Quiet, Restful. Phone 330

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  1. Thanks for the post of the Woodland Court. I stayed there several times in the early 80s while in grad school at MSU and working at the research station nearby Newton. It was a really nice place. Recently, I have being trying to recall the name and location of this motel. It did not have a restaurant. But there was truck stop nearby that served good food.

    I have to ask you about your gravatar. About 4 generations of my family shopped at Johl and Bergman, always buying shoes from Mr. Sherman.


  2. Four generations–wow! In contrast, I’ve only visited there once, but was impressed by both the proprietors and the architecture of the store itself, and I just snapped a picture of the little round sign, not really thinking more about it until I started looking through my photo library to find a gravitar. I settled on it not only because it’s a nice square shape but also because for me it symbolizes small-town Mississippi, downtown businesses, and long-time family connections.


  3. I just found the same old postcard. Believe it is from 1955 when I was 8. So I googled Woodland Court etc and up pops photo of same postcard. Is motel still in existence?


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