Early 20th Century Wins It!

Our first official MissPres poll asking readers to vote for their three favorite architectural styles ended yesterday in a dead heat between Craftsman/Bungalow and that three-headed beast, Art Deco/Art Moderne/Stripped Classic. Out of a total of 151 votes cast, 32 each (42%) were in favor of those two early- to mid-20th-century styles. Federal/Greek Revival came in a distant second, with 19 votes, or 13%.

Craftsman/Bungalow: 21% (32 votes)

Art Deco/Moderne/Stripped Classic: 21% (32 votes)

Federal/Greek Revival: 13% (19 votes)

And the even more distant runners-up:

Victorian/Queen Anne: 9% (13 votes)
Modern/International: 9% (13 votes)
Gothic Revival: 8% (12 votes)
Italianate: 5% (8 votes)
Tudor Revival: 5% (8 votes)
Colonial Revival: 4% (6 votes)
New Formalism: 2% (3 votes)
Other: Vernacular: 2% (2 votes)
Other: Spanish Colonial Revival: 1% (1 vote)
Minimal Traditional: 1% (1 vote)
Ranch: 1% (1 vote)

Here’s how the results look from a purely chronological viewpoint:

20th Century: (incl. Colonial Revival): 65% (97 votes)
19th Century: (incl. vernacular): 36% (54 votes)

These are very interesting results to me for a state whose stereotypical architecture is so steeped in the 19th century. The tie between Victorian and International was also pretty surprising.

In addition, I can see that I have lots of work to do in my quest to create a group of ardent Minimal Traditionalists.

Supposedly, I’m able to add images to these polls, so maybe next year, I’ll run a revised version of the poll along with images of each style (adding this year’s most glaring omission, the Spanish Colonial/Mediterranean Revival).

W. White has suggested our next poll should take its cue from the recent post on “1001 buildings to see before you die” but for Mississippi. Something like “101 Mississippi buildings to see before you die.” We’re still working on how we might do that. What other polls would you like to see? Any mysteries of the group mind you are dying to know?

That’s it for this Thanksgiving week. We’ll be posting vacation pictures for the next few days for those of you who just can’t go a weekday without MissPres. As for the rest of you, enjoy your time with food, football, family and friends, in whatever order you choose.

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