Vacation Postcards: Gilmer Motor Inn, Columbus

MissPres is on vacation this week, but we’re sending postcards back from Mississippi’s past.

Gilmer Motor Inn, 321 Main St., on Highway 82, Columbus, Mississippi 39701. In the heart of downtown, 76 colorful guest rooms with hi-fi music and 5 channel TV. Free parking–swimming pool–sample rooms. Restaurant with superb dining and banquet facilities. Telephone (601) 327-1910. TWX 800-238-5000

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  1. Built as a Downtowner Motor Hotel but carrying on the name of the hotel which it replaced. The old building was much better.


  2. Wow, they were offering 5 channels more than I get at my house–but I do have hi-fi music available on demand.


  3. The city is waxing in their determination to demolish the Gilmer and replace it with a 4 or 5 story “boutique chain hotel”- whatever that means. I can’t say it is a delight in its current sad state, but it would be nice if parts of its mid-century modern building could be preserved. This seems extremely unlikely, however.


  4. I remember the old Gilmer Hotel from the 40’s,50′,s and 60’s. It had CHARACTER and personality. You might see Tenn. Williams there on one of his rare visits back home, i.e.,Columbus. It is a shame that it has been turned into a so-called “modern” motel–much like all the other new motels


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