Vacation Postcards: Albert Pick Motel, Natchez

MissPres is on vacation this week, but we’re sending postcards back from Mississippi’s past.

Albert Pick Motel, Highway 61 South, Natchez, Mississippi. Phone 2-1691, Teletype NHZ-162. Completely air-conditioned. All rooms with television, 24-hour telephone service. Swimming pool. Restaurant. No charge for children under twelve. Free Parking.

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  1. This managed to survive into the 90s as the Prentiss. Only the newer 2 story wing remains now.


  2. Look at that great sign.


  3. I worked at an Albert Pick Motel as a night auditor before I attended college. It was at the Albert Pick Motel on Government Street in Mobile, Alabama and I do remember several things that may seem unbelievable today————- A Room was about $8.00 to 10.00 per night for one person. Therefore, I have become curious as to when (Year) the Albert Pick Hotels were either sold or just went out of business.


  4. Here’s a link which many partially explain the anomaly with the sign. Apparently, the Albert Pick Company had a franchise agreement with a number of Holiday Inns which was ended for one reason or another. One of these was in Rockford, Illinois and one of the others must surely have been in Natchez. See the listing for the Edge-O-Town Motel in the link below…

    The Pick Hotel Corporation turned to the management and development of motor hotels and motels as the sixties turned into the seventies. Finally, Albert Pick Sr. sold the chain to the Bass brothers of Fort Worth in 1977. Such remnants as remained were then sold off to other parties. Pick had gained his fortune in the supplying of hotels (linen, china and so forth) and only later went into the business of managing them. I will see if I can find more about the history of the chain for you.


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