A 10 Most Reminder and a New Addition to MissPres

Remember that the 10 Most Endangered Places Unveiling will take place at Union Station in downtown Jackson this Thursday evening. Don’t worry about what to wear–my tickets say “business casual” which I take to mean dressed up if you want, less-dressed-up if you want. You can buy tickets on the MHT website, or usually even at the door. There’s always good food, beverages, and fellowship with people from the preservation trenches around the state. I personally am very much looking forward to both the behind-the-scenes tour of the getting-close-to-finished King Edward and the silent auction of artwork and travel packages. I have seen a couple of the pieces that will be up for auction, and I think this year will be a banner year for acquiring good art featuring historic places.

Also, on the theme of reminders, check out the MissPres calendar for other upcoming events, including a couple of fall pilgrimages in Natchez and Columbus. I suspect fall pilgrimages are slightly less attended than spring pilgrimages, so you’ll have more chance to spend real time examining the historic houses and talking with the owners. If I understand it correctly, you can add the MissPres calendar to your own Google calendar so that events show up on your calendar as the MissPres calendar gets updated. At least that’s how it seems to work on mine. Just click the little Google button at the bottom of the MissPres calendar.

As ya’ll know, I have an opinion on virtually any topic, living or dead, known or unknown. However, even I can see that a blog called Preservation in Mississippi should have more than one perspective. That’s why I’m very happy that in the coming days Tom Barnes, who many of you may recognize from his insightful comments, will be starting his life as a blogger by contributing his in-depth knowledge of Mississippi’s historic hotels to MissPres.

Tom is a native not just of Mississippi but of the birthplace of preservation in Mississippi, Natchez and Woodville. Although he works in hotel management in Washington, he travels alot, as you can see on his Flickr photostream. Tom became interested in historic preservation when he saw the Baker Grand Theater being demolished in Natchez at the age of nine. 

Over time, I hope we can add more voices to MissPres. If you’d like to contribute your perspective in occasional posts, let me know.

Categories: Historic Preservation, Preservation People/Events

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