Month: August 2009

Remembering Hurricane Camille

From the Biloxi Daily Herald, “Landmarks Lost During Camille,” by Emily Germanis, August 16, 1970: “Historically speaking, the Mississippi Gulf Coast received a great blow as a result of Hurricane Camille. At least 15 well known landmarks were wiped out, others… Read More ›

A few bloggy changes

I’ve been told unequivocally that “Change is Bad.” However, I’ve been a busy little beaver this weekend adding a few gadgets (or widgets as we bloggers call them) to Preservation in Mississippi. First, you’ll notice over at the top right… Read More ›

Yankee Stadium Update

There’s an interesting follow-up by Paul Goldberger on the future of old Yankee Stadium in this week’s New Yorker, in which the debate appears to be whether to save one gate or not. These guys don’t deserve Yankee Stadium anymore–may… Read More ›

Back from Lexington

In yesterday’s post, we drove up Hwy 17 and got into Lexington where we saw the courthouse, the jail, the hospital, and the old stagecoach inn. Today we’ll complete our whirlwind tour by heading out from the square and looking at… Read More ›

Visitor Centers-Bah!

For your Sunday afternoon reading pleasure, and in light of my recent musings on the National Park Service and on the fate of heritage sites, may I suggest this article from Architectural Record’s March 2009 issue, “Rolling out the unwelcome mat for… Read More ›