Month: October 2009

Rosemont Plantation

According to the National Register nomination, prepared in 1974, Rosemont Plantation was built ca. 1810 by Samuel and Jane Davis when they moved from Fairview, Kentucky to Wilkinson County, Mississippi with a two year old Jefferson Davis. The house is… Read More ›

Woodville…A Town Out of Time

Tucked away in the southwestern corner of Mississippi below Natchez lies Woodville, a relatively undiscovered town of considerable charm. Woodville is the county seat and traditional market town of Wilkinson County. While the county was founded in 1802, the town wasn’t… Read More ›

SESAH coming to Jackson

If you’ve never heard of SESAH, it’s pronounced “see-saw” just like it looks. It’s short for the much-longer name: Southeastern Chapter of the Society of Architectural Historians. As I’ve mentioned before, the group is meeting here in Jackson this year,… Read More ›

Name That Place 3.5

My goal in the Name That Place contest is always to stump everyone completely, but as usual I have failed this week to stump our expert architecture lovers out there. Congratulations for making me a failure and contributing to my… Read More ›

Name That Place 3.45

Here’s an opportunity for a bonus point for whoever can name this building and its location. No extra points for those who come in afterward. I offer this bonus purely out of the goodness that overflows my kind heart.

Name That Place 3.3

Alright, yesterday’s place was easier than I thought, and we’re still left with a four-way tie. Today, we’ll see who’s been paying special attention to MissPres lately. Possibly this one is too easy. The current standings are: doakley: 2 point Theodore: 2… Read More ›

Name That Place 3.2

Ok, after yesterday’s snafu, I’ve tossed and turned all night trying to decide what to do about points, and after consulting with my dog, I’ve finally decided to just give both doakley and Theodore a point. HOWEVER, from now on,… Read More ›

Modern Banking in Downtown Jackson

I found this to-die-for postcard showing Jackson’s Trustmark Bank (formerly First National Bank) building a few weeks ago and was surprised to win it on eBay. Opened in 1956, the building was designed by two Jackson architectural firms, James T. Canizaro and Overstreet, Ware & Ware… Read More ›

Speaking of Churches

While I was writing yesterday’s post on Carrollton’s churches, I came across a review of a book about Mississippi churches that I keep close at hand as a reference, Historic Churches of Mississippi. Published by University Press of Mississippi in… Read More ›