Happy Labor Day

For all those who, like me, didn’t really think Mississippi had labor unions, this little clip from the Dec. 8, 1946 edition of the Jackson Daily News about the Carpenters and Joiners new union hall on South State Street:


It’s hard to believe it now, but this caption reminds us that at one time not in the very distant past, the southern part of State Street and the area around what is now the Medgar Evers P.O. contained a large residential section. This was changing quickly in the immeditate post-WWII years, as evidenced here. Today the only remnants I can see are the old Robert E. Lee School (unfortunately gutted and windows replaced by the Jackson School District) and the little frame church next to the school.

FYI: this union building is still there, although altered somewhat from this rendering. I couldn’t really get a decent picture though because of all the trees that have been planted in front.

Thanks to industrious MissPres reader Carunzel for sending this article my way!

Categories: Architectural Research, Jackson

4 replies

  1. Nice little building. Is it occupied?


  2. Driving past, it’s hard to see who’s occupying it because there’s no sign, but it definitely seems to be in use as offices for someone. Unfortunately, the front entrance has been closed up and all the windows replaced. They must enter from the back or something.


    • Actually, there’s a second front entrance (though it may go directly upstairs); it’s that one on the left of the picture and it is still there, though obscured from the road by the trees.

      I can’t tell who might be occupying the building either, but it does look occupied.


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