A few bloggy changes

I’ve been told unequivocally that “Change is Bad.” However, I’ve been a busy little beaver this weekend adding a few gadgets (or widgets as we bloggers call them) to Preservation in Mississippi. First, you’ll notice over at the top right a little blurb about the blog for new visitors. Below that, you find ways of adding MissPres to your blog reader or getting an e-mail update whenever there’s a new post. Or for all ya’ll cool hip people out there with Facebook accounts or other social networking sites, you can add MissPres to your site to share with all your “friends.”

If you’re new to the blogging world, as I was when I started this blog 6 months ago, you may not be familiar with a blog reader–let me be the first to say you should get one. If you have a Google account (gmail, calendar, etc.), you can very easily set up a Google Reader and add whatever blogs you like to follow. I know Yahoo also has a blog reader–they’re very common internet tools. Each time a blog adds a new post, it will show up in the reader and you can either read it from there or you can click over to the original. This is a huge time-saver, and will help you stay current with blogs that you like without actually having to click around to each one to see if there’s anything new.

Below the Share area is a cool little feature that I copied from “A Slice of Frank’s Life“–a way to see where other readers of MissPres are located. Just click on the World Map link and it will show you the locations of the last 100 readers–we’re an international bunch, ya’ll!

And last but not least–no, in fact, I don’t have much of a life, and I’m ok with that–I’ve added a new feature called “Place of the Week” on the left-hand side, below the Recent Posts area. I’ll use this area to help us all get a little more familiar with our historic landmarks around the state, and of course, updating it will keep me occupied and off the streets, which is a good thing.

I hope this all hasn’t made MissPres too visually busy–let me know if you hate it. I can take it (after a good cry and perhaps a little temper tantrum and ice-cream-eating binge).

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  1. When I clicked on the last 100 visit link it took me to the SiteMeter home page with and wanted me to sign in. I’m not sure how I have that link set up so that it gets around this request for a log in. I’ll send you the link from my blog and maybe you can compare it to the link used here.



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