Congratulations to Preservation in Mississippi and the MissPres universe for sticking around for this, the 1000th post :-)

A Brief History of Headers

Today is technically the third anniversary of Preservation in Mississippi, but due to my own mistaken impression on the first year’s anniversary that February 9 was the big day, tomorrow will actually be the “Observed” date. In the meantime, as you’ll… Read More ›

Christmas in Dixie

Ok, I know it’s not snowing in the pines or in the magnolias just at this moment, but you can still have a white Christmas courtesy of a few pictures from the Great Mississippi Snow of February 2010. Merry Christmas,… Read More ›

A few bloggy changes

I’ve been told unequivocally that “Change is Bad.” However, I’ve been a busy little beaver this weekend adding a few gadgets (or widgets as we bloggers call them) to Preservation in Mississippi. First, you’ll notice over at the top right… Read More ›

The Tax Man Cometh

It’s tax day, ya’ll! You know what you have to do: count up all the doors and windows in your house (jib doors count as two doors and one window), also count each room including closets. Any wardrobes if you… Read More ›

New Events Calendar

The eagle-eyed amongst you will have noticed a new little feature I’ve added to Preservation in Mississippi, a calendar of events that I hope we can use to keep ourselves apprised of all the stuff going on around the state… Read More ›