NPS Stimulus Money in MS

Speaking of money–loads and loads of money from Uncle Sam–the National Park Service has announced the projects it will be funding with its cut of the stimulus package. According to their state-by-state breakout, Mississippi will have 9 projects coming in at a cool $6,509,000, give or take a thousand or ten.

Here’s the listing NPS has given us for projects in Mississippi:

Gulf Islands National Seashore: Remove debris and overgrowth from boundary fence, $54,000

Natchez National Historical Park: Paint the historic McCallum House, rehabilitate historic Melrose chandelier, $42,000

Natchez Trace Parkway:  Rehabilitate historic Meriweather Lewis Site, repair facilities damaged by storm, replace water lines at Tupelo Visitor Center to meet public health standards, restripe 70 miles of parkway centerline and edgeline, $4,467,000

Vicksburg National Military Park: Rehabilitate historic Shirley House, rehabilitate South Cemetery Road Route 200, $1,946,000

The highest amount goes to California, with 97 projects at $97,404,000. Puerto Rico has the least amount, with one project costing $50,000. Since we Mississippians love to compare ourselves to our neighbors (the better to love our neighbors, of course), here’s how our surrounding states stack up:

Alabama $7,393,000 (7 projects)
Arkansas $1,996,000 (7 projects)
Louisiana $1,081,000 (6 projects)
Tennessee $10,280,000 (16 projects)

Yay! We got more money than Arkansas and Louisiana combined!

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