Month: June 2009

Museum Myths in Movies

I know I’m way behind all of ya’ll in the pop-culture arena, so you’ve probably already seen Slumdog Millionaire. But if not, you should just because it’s a really good movie and isn’t depressing as you might expect, but also for… Read More ›

Internet Archive

A friend who is a more careful and meticulous researcher than I am (I tend to click around and spend hours getting sidetracked on other interesting topics) pointed me to an internet resource I hadn’t known of before called Internet… Read More ›

MDAH Preservation Press newsletter

One of my faithful readers sent along this new electronic newsletter–or e-zine to hipsters like me–put out by MDAH’s Historic Preservation Division.  It’s called Preservation Press, and its inaugural issue opens with a statement of purpose: The Historic Preservation Division of… Read More ›

Getting Back to Myths

I’m sure you all remember my post a couple of months ago about the fun stories I heard at the Columbus Pilgrimage explaining various architectural features (if you have a bad memory or, even worse, didn’t read it originally, you… Read More ›

Flashy Palladianism

I love to come across bits of architectural criticism in books or movies where I wouldn’t expect it, and this is one of my favorite passages from my very favorite 20th-century writer, Patrick O’Brian. I got into O’Brian because of… Read More ›

A Virtual Trip To Exotic Locales

Oh, did I not mention that the winner of last week’s Name This Place contest would win a virtual trip? Whoopsie! Well, it shouldn’t really matter, right? After all, I recently was told by a person with some authority in Mississippi’s preservation world (not because… Read More ›

Name This Place #5

To play this exciting game, see The Rules. Today is the final contest in this series. Today, a winner will emerge (I hope)! Current Standings: tsj1957: 6 points Carunzel: 4 points doakley: 2 points Everyone Else: Total Losers Hint: This… Read More ›

Name This Place #4

To play this exciting game, see The Rules. We got ourselves a competition going! Current Standings: Carunzel: 4 tsj1957: 4 doakley: 2 Everyone Else: 0 (still time to catch up!) Hint: This building is in the Delta. Note: I’m going… Read More ›

Name This Place #3

To play this exciting game, see The Rules. Current Standings:  Carunzel: 3 tsj1957: 2 doakley: 1 Everyone Else: 0 (still plenty of time to catch up!) Hint: This place has never appeared in Preservation in Mississippi or on my Flickr… Read More ›

Name This Place #2

To play this exciting game, see The Rules. The Standings So Far:   tsj1957:  2 points, Carunzel: 1 point, Everyone Else: 0 points Hint: This building is from a completely different century than yesterday’s building.

Dealing with Difficult Histories

I don’t know if any of you saw this article in Sunday’s Clarion-Ledger (“When Art Offends,” June 7, 2009) about the awkwardness of the Depression-era mural in Jackson’s Eastland federal courthouse–what to do about the stereotypical and degrading depictions of the black characters… Read More ›