Name This Place 13.5.1

I thought yesterday’s first post was a good candidate to stump everyone, but SWeger identified and provided architectural information about Grenada’s Moore-Powell-Whitaker House for two points with southside preservationist and Belinda2015/Belinda Stewart getting single points. The second post of the day was the Adolph Rose House in Vicksburg, which Belinda2015/Belinda Stewart answered first with extra information for two points while southside preservationist, Kathleen Bond, Carunzel, and Suzassippi all contributed information for one point each. Carroll County/Camp Meeting Tabernacle in North Carrollton was the third place to be named, with Belinda2015/Belinda Stewart doing so for one point and earning the extra point for informing everyone of the Tabernacle’s place in cinema history; Carunzel, southside preservationist, and Suzassippi each received one point. Name This Place 13.4.4 flummoxed everyone for a short time but was identified as the Thompson-Peeler House in Kosciusko by Carunzel; Belinda2015/Belinda Stewart was not able to name the house but knew it is on Wells Street and that the builders were also responsible for the Attala County Courthouse, good enough for one point.

Current Standings:

Suzassippi: 16 points
Carunzel: 12 points
Belinda2015/Belinda Stewart: 11 points
southside preservationist: 10 points
SWeger: 2 points
Thomas Rosell: 1 point
thomfred: 1 point
Db: 1 point
James: 1 point
Jennifer Bradley: 1 point
Mattie Abraham: 1 point
ELMalvaney: 1 point
Kathleen Bond: 1 point

If you have not participated in Name This Place XIII so far; well, you will not win this contest. But you can certainly play spoiler, and that is a great reason to play. It is a four-horse race with Suzassippi ahead of the pack, but there are four posts today for a maximum of eight points possible, meaning several others people are within striking distance. Who will become the next Mississippi Preservationist Extraordinaire?

Another question: will I finally stump everyone? It is the goal of every Name This Place Grand Inquisitor to do that and collect four points. It has only happened twice. I almost did it on the final day last year. Will one of these four historic Mississippi landmarks stump everyone?

As always, please read The Rules of the contest and remember to leave your answers in the comment section on Preservation in Mississippi, not on Facebook or Twitter; answers left on those sites are not counted and no points are awarded for them.

So Name This Place:


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  1. tough one!
    mid century modern.


    • It may fall into the category of Mid-Century Modern, simply because that “style” is so broad and nebulous. You can call very different buildings constructed over a long span “Mid-Century Modern” in the same way people use the term “Victorian.” I will probably give you the point, the same way I would if someone stated that a late 1800s building was Victorian, but there is certainly a better style description out there.


  2. An hour and a half in, and the place has not been named. I will leave everyone to ponder over this building while I run some errands.


  3. Mississippi DHS Federal Credit Union
    769 N President Street in Jackson


  4. Oops, no, was too small on my phone. 767 N. President St., Jackson, DHS Federal Credit Union


    • You got the address for a point. However, the Mississippi DHS Federal Credit Union is merely the latest occupant of the building. Can anyone actually provide the history of this interesting structure?


      • Name and place, old or new. I had a point removed over this a couple days ago.


        • I’m sorry, I hadn’t yet seen Carol’s answer. I hate doing this on a phone. Please accept my apologies for snapping.


        • No, you did not get a point removed on Monday. I gave two points each to you and Suzassippi.

          Here is what I said on Monday:

          “I have reversed my previous decision. I looked back through all the Name This Place competitions we have had and at the rules. All it states is that the name of the building be provided, not specifying that it has to be the building’s historic name. Although it is historically known as the Hattiesburg Masonic Temple, it is currently the Forrest County Justice Court. We have never had someone give a current name for a building without giving its historic name, and most of the buildings previously used in the contest have only had one name.

          “So, Suzassippi gets the first point for stating the name of the building and its location and an extra point for stating that it is in the Neoclassical style. Normally, that would mean that Carunzel would only get one point for providing the architect, construction date, etc. But, I am not going to take away the extra point from Carunzel; this is meant to be a fun competition and taking points away from someone does not seem to me like part of a fun competition. So, you both get two points for this building, only this once, though.”

          You got a point removed on Wednesday because you did not include the town, Columbus, with your answer of the Lindamood Building, which I did not notice until I had awarded you two points. That is the only point you lost, and it had nothing to do with the name of the building you provided.

          And, I gave you a point today, for knowing the correct address of the building, though if Carol Taff had gotten the address right, you would have had to have found some other information for a point. I was merely making the point that no one has been able to provide any information for this building other than its current occupant, address, and style. So, can anyone provide the history of this interesting structure?


  5. I guess my apology was not accepted


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