Vacation Postcards: Evangeline Restaurant, Pascagoula

MissPres is on vacation this week, but we’re sending postcards back from Mississippi’s past.

EVANGELINE RESTAURANT. Mr. and Mrs. James Velich. 949 Telephone Road–HIghway 90, P.O. Box 308–Telelphone 9192, PASCAGOULA, MISSISSIPPI. Enjoy Life–Eat Out More Often.

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2 replies

  1. My mother, Bobbie Embry, worked with Trina or her daughter back in the 1950s. She always told me I was named after her. I live in Texas now. I called the library, but no information. I do not want anything. I am a 56 year old woman wondering about her past.
    Trina is an unusual name. I find name keychains and coffee cups with Trinity and Katrina, but never this name. Wondering if this is the same lady. My phone is 409-203-0851.


  2. This is Trina Embry Howard again. Left out that Trina worked at the Evangeline Restaurant in the 1950s. My mother’s name was Bobbie Embry. I was always told this person is who she named me after. I live in Texas now. 409-203-0851.


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