Builders of Mississippi: Jordan Construction Co.

Recently, I saw these images of the construction of the Catholic Diocese of Jackson Chancery Building in the Mississippi Digital Library’s Bishop R. O. Gerow Collection.  While the building’s contractor is not documented in the MDAH HRI, I believe, based on these photos, the builder may be Jordan Construction Co.  The images are dated as having been made while the foundation was under construction in January of 1948.

Does anyone recognize any of the folks in these photographs?  Jack Canizaro was the architect for the Chancery Building.  Here is what the building looked like when it was completed.

And the building is still standing in downtown Jackson.

Below is the info on the company that is available in the MDAH HRI database.  You’ll notice some structures that have been discussed on MissPres before, such as the Lyle Cashion Company building and St. Richard’s Catholic Church, both in Jackson.

Jordan Construction Co.
Builder/Contractor, Jackson, MS
Mississippi members of The Associated General Contractors of America in 1955. Bid unsuccessfully for St. Mary Catholic Church, Jackson, 1953.
Date Inventory# Name of Property Role Description of Work Location
D 1947 089-TOU-1006-NRD-ML-X Builder/Contractor Original building Tougaloo, Madison Co.
D 1955 149-VKS-0135.5-DNC-ML Builder/Contractor Original Building Vicksburg, Warren Co.
D 1955 049-JAC-7180 Builder/Contractor Original building Jackson, Hinds Co.
D 1955 049-JAC-0014.2-NRD Builder/Contractor Addition facing West Street Jackson, Hinds Co.
D 1957 049-JAC-4729 Builder/Contractor Original building Jackson, Hinds Co.
D 1958 049-JAC-0917 Builder/Contractor Original building Jackson, Hinds Co.
D 1958 049-JAC-6180-X Builder/Contractor Original Building Jackson, Hinds Co.
D 1958 049-JAC-7118.2 Builder/Contractor “Final annex” (4-classroom addition/youth room) Jackson, Hinds Co.
D 1966-67 049-JAC-7118.1 Builder/Contractor Original building Jackson, Hinds Co.
D c.1973 049-JAC-4570 Builder/Contractor Original building Jackson, Hinds Co.
D 1980 049-JAC-0027-NRD-ML Builder/Contractor Renovation Jackson, Hinds Co.

If Jordan Construction Company can be credited with the Chancery Buildings construction, that would make it the earliest building constructed by the firm extant.

Other cursory research into the firm did not turn up much other information, other than the fact that they built a temporary building in Grenada in association with the war effort in 1943 and that R.E. Jordan was the company president, at least in the late 1970s.

Biloxi Daily Herald May 19, 1943

Can’t get enough builders?


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  1. Jordan Construction Co. of occours frequently in the James T Canizaro collection in the MSU Library.
    My dad used this building as an example of quality brickwork. I have always credited
    Jordan Construction Co as the contractor.
    Bob Canizaro

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