Happy Mardi Gras, 2018

Tomorrow is Fat Tuesday. To mark the occasion below are links to posts that relate to the occasion from the MissPres archives…

Do you have a building or landscape that you associate with the Mardi Gras season? Perhaps a stretch of parade route, or venue that hosts balls? Take for instance the Biloxi or Natchez Community Centers? The Biloxi Community Center, which will be fifty years old this year, was purpose-built for holding events such as Carnival balls. The Natchez Community Center, a 1940’s Buick dealership that was adaptively reused as a community center, has also been the site of Mardi Gras balls.

How about viewing stands in front of Biloxi City Hall? What are the spaces and places that you associate with Mardi Gras?

Biloxi City Hall, with a temporary grandstand.

Categories: Biloxi, Historic Landscapes, Historic Preservation, Natchez


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