Friday is a Gas: Sinclair Station c.1930s

This former Sinclair station (above) found in Booneville, Mississippi has had its canopy enclosed and its service doors replaced with a storefront.  Despite this it is still recognizable as a Sinclair design.

New Sinclair Station. Sweetwater, TX from Sweetwater Reporter, May 9, 1937

The 2016 TxDOT Field Guide to Gas Stations in Texas  describes these Sinclair stations of the c.1930s era as having the form of an oblong box with an offset canopy.  Other identifying features the field guide identified are:

• Flat roof with pent roof parapets covered in tile
• Smooth stucco exterior finish
• Canopy with decorative tile or other decorative elements.
• Larger corner columns with brackets support canopy.
• Pedimented parapets on canopy, featuring rectangular signage on each elevation
• Service bays extend from side of office.
• Single-door entrance with multi-light transom.
• Display window with multi-light transom.
• Variations of size depended on site location factors; highway sites were typically larger and more complex than those found in town.
• Mission or Spanish Eclectic stylistic influences.

Jackson had at least two of these stations, one on Mill Street (demolished c.1980s), and the other on North State Street (demolished c.1945).

Sinclair operated as an independent company from 1916 until 1969, when it was acquired by the Atlantic Richfield Company (ARCO) who further broke up the brand.

Do you know of any other Sinclair stations of this style in Mississippi?

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  1. There was a Sinclair station at the corner of Main and Church Streets in Woodville. As far as I know, the building is still standing, though I believe the canopy and supporting columns have been removed.

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  2. Sinclair was founded in New York in 1916 by Harry F. Sinclair. The dinosaur logo was added after the Chicago World’s Fair in 1933-34. Sinclair sponsored a dinosaur exhibit, linking the petroleum industry to dinosaurs, and it was so popular the company began a toy dinosaur promotional give-away and added the dinosaur silhouette to the sign.

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  3. Not sure about this station as it is missing some of the identifying features, but its possibly a former Sinclair station.


  4. I didn’t know what article to ask about this building. Corner of University Blvd (formerly known as Terry Road) and Hooker St. in Jackson, Mississippi. Looks like a former gasoline station to me.,-90.1996585,3a,37.6y,189.77h,85.38t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sksIMkKoStJJsyEBuegyIlQ!2e0!7i13312!8i6656


    • hmm, I’m not sure. Beautiful station though. I’m having trouble getting the address to line up in the city directories. According to the Sanborn maps both Pan-Am and Gulf had bulk storage facilities just up the road at what is now University Blvd. and Natchez Railroad Ave.


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