Friday Film: Mississippi’s New Capitol

Today’s Friday Film is part of the Mississippi Public Broadcasting’s “Mississippi: A Thread Through Time.”  As part of the state’s bicentennial this year MPB has produced a new series of one-minute documentaries.  A new story will be presented each week.  Several weeks ago the New Capitol was featured.  According to the video;

St.  Louis architect Theodore Link borrowed from different classical traditions in his lavish Beaux Arts design. For the rotunda, he combined black marble from upstate New York with beautiful white marble from Italy. The Senate and House chambers feature domes of Bohemian stained glass. Link also used what was then a very modern element: hundreds of exposed electric light bulbs. 

Did they mention scagliola?  You’ll just have to watch the video to find out!  New episodes “Mississippi: A Thread Through Time.” premiere each Sunday in 2017 on MPB Television, MPB Think Radio and on


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