Charnley-Norwood House/Restored Landscape Open Sunday

I haven’t seen much buzz about this Sunday’s open house at the Charnley-Norwood House on East Beach Blvd. in Ocean Springs, but this isn’t just an open house but an open yard as well. My understanding is that the landscape has been restored to the early twentieth century period when the house was known as Bon-Silene. We in Mississippi don’t have much experience with restoring historic landscapes, so it’s exciting to see the level of detail this one might have achieved. The property will be open, according to this Facebook post, from 2:00 to 4:00 on Sunday afternoon, December 11.

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  1. It is so elating to learn that Charnley-Norwood House and grounds have been brought back to life. Applause and cheers galore!


  2. Mississippi is full of beautiful treasures and this is one! ALL of the people who worked to restore this charming home did an outstanding job. It is beautiful. I just have to think Mr. Sullivan and Mr. Wright would be so impressed. Many thanks to all who made this restoration possible and thanks to all who take care of its maintenance now. When we toured it, our guide mentioned that an office might be located in it at some point in time. It is so beautiful, it needs a human in it every day so it won’t be just sitting there empty.

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  3. Who’s Louis K. Sullivan? Haha! :)

    If you are coming from out of the area, Hwy 90 will be closed in Harrison County for the Mississippi Gulf Coast Marathon.


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