Kremser’s Air Conditioning For Your Comfort, Kremser said.

Last week’s post regarding the rise in popularity for modern & ranch houses throughout the South brought up the question, when did air conditioning become a standard feature in home construction?  Kremser’s Sheet Metal Works was apparently one of the first local firms in the Delta installing forced-air HVAC systems.  Kremser was founded in 1927 and began installing cooling systems in the early 1930’s.  Forced-air HVAC installation is a logical evolution for sheet metal businesses as all the duct work would need to be custom fitted, but the HVAC equipment came ready to install from the manufacturer.  The manufacturer in this case was Chrysler Airtemp, the very same Chrysler that manufactures cars.  Today’s article from the Delta Democrat-Times was published in 1949.

Kremser’s Air Conditioning For Your Comfort

Low Cost Comfort Is Motto Of Local Branch Of Kremser.

Heating and cooling comfort in modern homes and business houses has progressed rapidly, according to Robert Kremser Jr., Greenville representative for Chrysler Airtemp air conditioner and heating units.

Operating a branch office of the firm established by his father in 1927, Mr. Kremser says that “forced air heating systems may be installed with provisions made for addition of a cooling system at a surprisingly low cost.”

Robert Kremser Jr. has been operating the local branch of the Kremser Sheet Metal Works for two years, installing hundreds of units in the Delta.  “In addition to selling units we offer an engineering service and give free estimates upon request,” Kremser said.

Included in the installation jobs handled though the local branch Kremser said he had installed air conditioning units in radio banks, churches, schools and private homes.  “We are capable of installing all types of heating and cooling units,” Kremser said.

Some of the features of the Chrysler Airtemp air conditioning units include simplified control, direct air flow, big cooling capacity, [and] positive fresh air intake.  “Besides these features” Kremser said, “the Chrysler Airtemp is compact in size and beautiful in design.”

Kremser recalled that his father entered the air-conditioning field in the “early thirties.”  He said the firm has served the Delta area since that time.

Cool comfort during the summer months is offered by Kremser’s of Greenville.  The firm invites prospective home-builders to consult with them and take advantage of their experience in this field.

The Delta Democrat-Times, Greenville, Miss. Monday, May 16, 1949 Page 5

kremser air conditioning ad 1949

Advertisement for Kremser’s Air Conditioning Equipment from The Delta Democrat-Times, Greenville, Miss. Monday, May 16, 1949 Page 5

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  1. If it was published in 1949, it was in the Delta Democrat-Times. The old Democrat-Times was purchased years earlier by Hodding and Betty Carter and combined with their paper to become the DD-T.


  2. I noticed Kremser also “recalled” once as well as “said.” Thank for finding this and sharing. I know a lot more about early HVAC now than I even knew I didn’t know.

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