Friday Puzzler: Webster County Court House

Webster County Courthouse, 2010

Webster County Courthouse, 1915-2016

This Friday do something the Webster County supervisors couldn’t do.  Rather than chose to fight the insurance company and preservationists to get a metal new building, you can put the Webster County Courthouse back together.  Unlike the supervisors, I bet you won’t take two plus years to complete this work, and when you are done you will have a (picture of a) beautiful, historic structure.

Unfortunately the picture will now be all we have.  As Malvaney pointed out,  this is first historic courthouse we’ve lost in Mississippi since the demolition of the Carroll County Courthouse in Vaiden in 1993.

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  1. 2:00 :( But first I had to start over as the clock was ticking and I had not started!


  2. Apparently, I am not much better than Webster County as I only dropped to 1:45. I should just eat lunch instead.


  3. Alright everyone, I will throw down the gauntlet and challenge anyone to beat 0:39 on Normal, 4:43 on Hard, and 26:18 on Insane (which could be called ridiculously hard because it is).


  4. With Sam Kaye no longer with us, is anyone at MDAH looking in on the activities of the Re-Constructionists at the Columbus RR Depot building site? A “land developer” and “judge” from California with Mississippi roots purchased the building from the bank a few years back. The casualties so far have only been the poor honey bees.


    • Unfortunately, the Depot is not a Mississippi Landmark, so there is not much the MDAH can do about making sure the work is historically accurate and of high quality. I remember reading an article on the Depot renovation a few months ago as part of my News Roundups. The idea of demolishing sections of it did not really please me, to be honest; since, while additions have been made to it over the years, they are not incongruous enough to warrant demolition, in my opinion.

      I am not sure exactly what is going on with historic preservation in Columbus right now. Losing the Friendship House seems to have been pretty demoralizing. There will be a future article on some preservation losses in Columbus.


  5. I’ve had my own confrontation with Lowndes county public officials, the last being with Crawford Mayor Fred Tolon , the Board of Alderman and the town attorney Ms. Coleen Hudson, the daughter of Tim Hudson, a former Lowndes county prosecutor– both are associates with the Sims law firm. I went before the Board back in August with two issues: First, to confront the mayor with scuttlebutt information that he, personally, had conducted a “done deal” to swap title of the M&O RR Section House–it had been deeded over to the Town of Crawford by Wells Fargo in January od 2015. The informant said that it was a done deal and that “something of value” had already been transferred to either the mayor or some other entity. The mayor denied that it was a “done deal.” I then informed him that public property cannot be conveyed to private ownership without a Letter of Intent to the MDAH. I glanced over at Ms. Hudson for a response–there was none. Present at that town hall meeting was reporter Slim Smith with the Commercial-Dispatch. The Mayor then turned to his secretary with instructions to list the property in the classified ads. I connected with MDAH and someone said a private individual could submit the Letter of Intent. At the next town hall meeting, I again informed him that the board must follow MDAH protocol on transferring the property. His comment, was “Let’s move on.” Ms. Hudson was not at that meeting. I then submitted the Letter of Intent, and the MDAH did follow up with a physical inspection of the Section House property; I received a copy of the letter that MDAH sent to the Mayor after the inspection.
    I also filed a two complaints with the State Auditors Office, but I never received a written response. A field agent, Mr. McCarty. was sent down for my input. I called him back for a response to his talk with the Mayor and he told me that Tim Hudson told the mayor that there was no requirement that the town file a Letter of Intent. The 2″x4″ property for sale” notice was posted in the window of the Mayor’s office.
    The only information( not substantiated) is that Jimmy Bryan–a family member of the Bryan Bros. Packing Co.– was the lone bidder; but I cannot verify that deed and title was passed on to him, nor what the town(or mayor) received that was of “equal value” for the section house. Mr. Bryan is the owner of Tom Soya Grain Company, which has a grain elevator in Crawford. I cannot believe that Mr. Bryan would demolish the section house.I submitted two Letters To the Editor of the Commercial Dispatch in this matter–neither of which was published.

    I will save the other matter with town attorney Ms. Hudson for later– she giving the green light for the mayor to allow a nightclub to encroach ten feet into a Town of Crawford alley with new construction after a fire had destroyed the old 1850 George W., Hairston commissary building. Ms. Hudson suggested that it was a personal matter… citing a possible “adverse possession” issue that would have to be settled in the Chancery Court.


  6. Speaking of the architectural l history of Columbus.


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