Webster County Courthouse Demolition Begins

Knowing it was coming doesn’t make it any easier.

The Webster County Courthouse demolition has begun, according to Facebook posts and WCBI. The two-story brick Craftsman/Prairie style building was built in 1915 by the Little-Cleckler Construction Company of Anniston, Alabama, and designed by a very young N.W. Overstreet of Overstreet, Spencer & Paine. It was designated a Mississippi Landmark in 1990, but was severely damaged by fire in its attic and second story in January 2013. The supervisors fought the insurance company and preservationists to get a shiny new building, and they finally won last year after allowing the building to sit open to the elements for two years.

I believe this was the first historic courthouse we’ve lost in Mississippi since the demolition of the Carroll County Courthouse in Vaiden in 1993.


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  1. A shame. However, i have noticed that we are fasicnated with the idea of Metal Buildings and Asphalt Parking Lots. I repeat, a Shame. Sam P


  2. I came through Walthal this fall and was just a tad too late to get a good picture of the building. I wish I had stopped and taken one, bad light, shadows and all. What a shame it was a beautiful building.


  3. Very Sad Days here in Webster County! The county has provided no information on the appearance of the new one yet, other than to say that it will be 2 story. They have purchased and totally cleared land “on the highway” to construct it. The entrance stairs/terrace of the historic courthouse will be kept and a park will be developed in the former courthouse location… It will never be the same — but the community is trying to make the most out of terrible situation…


  4. It’ll be “nice, real nice,” I’m sure.


  5. This did not have to happen, what a needless waste. So sad to see this and sad that the attitude exhibited was so careless. I have to wonder how long the new building will last before they tear it down. I spent my childhood summers in Webster County.


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