Suzassippi’s Mississippi: Lowery Memorial Baptist Church

Blue Mountain church

The Eclectic/Composite Lowery Memorial Baptist Church, with some Colonial Revival features, was constructed in 1908 adjacent to Blue Mountain College.  Features include:

…two-story, seven-by-seven bay brick structure with pyramidal hip roof, gable-roofed projecting central section, and four-story square tower with pinnacled corners…(Adele Cramer, 1978, nomination form National Register of Historic Places for Blue Mountain District.  Retrieved from the Mississippi Department of Archives & History, Historic Resources Inventory database)

R. H. Hunt and Company, headquartered in Chattanooga, TN, and with branch offices in Jackson, MS and Dallas, TX was the architect.  Many of the buildings that were designed by Hunt are no longer extant.

church window

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  1. The view in your photo reminded me of another Hunt church, the Bay Street Presbyterian Church in Hattiesburg.

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  2. Very good. I wonder was Lowery Church named for Colonel / Governor Lowry. My ancestor rode with him in the un – Pleasantness. Sam P


  3. It was named for Mark Perrin Lowery, who established Blue Mountain College. I believe he was a General.


    • John Renshaw reported on my post in the Northeast Mississippi Historical and Genealogy Society’s page on Facebook that the church was named for Confederate Gen. Mark Perrin Lowrey and his family. Gen. Lowrey founded Blue Mountain College in Blue Mountain, Mississippi.


  4. Very Good. And Yes I think he was a General. Thanks. Another interesting tid bit. Sam P



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