Weather Takes Down Two Okolona Buildings

Two historic buildings in downtown Okolona, the old Merchants & Farmers Bank and its next-door neighbor, met their demise in the bad weather on Tuesday night, according to WTVA. A third building, dating to the 1880s, appears to be in a partial state of collapse.

Okolona Bank Collapse

The M&F Bank was built in 1903, and with its stone façade and Romanesque style, it was individually listed on the National Register. The MDAH Historic Resources Database has this to say about the building:

Its Richardsonian Romanesque features, its stone construction, and its pressed-metal interior are all rare in Mississippi. It was one of three banks chartered in 1897. The bank building was constructed in 1903 and is unaltered. The most notable feature of the building is its surprisingly intact interior.

This is what this section of Main Street looked liked when Google streetview came through in 2013:

Okolona MF Bank

You can read the follow-up story at WTVA.

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2 replies

  1. What a loss–such a beautiful building, and sadly, my only view of its beautiful angled entrance.


  2. Thank goodness for you good photo! So sad this great work of art is gone. I hope the bricks are salvaged and put to good use.


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