Fire Fiend Takes Two Historic Buildings in Port Gibson

According to the Natchez Democrat:

An abandoned service station and former hotel building were destroyed in the fire, the dispatcher said. The building was once reportedly home to the African-American entertainers of the Rabbit Foot Minstrels, which have a Mississippi Blues Trail marker at the building’s location.

A neighboring building, formerly a Masonic lodge, also burned as well as a brick storage structure.

These were on the south end of downtown, where Market Street intersects with Carrol Street. Both buildings were contributing to the National Register historic district, but both had been vacant for some time. Presumably neither had electricity turned on, and the two buildings were separated by a wide vacant lot.


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  1. Who will remove the destroyed buildings?


  2. Sad loss indeed. I was in Port Gibson in 2014 and took several photos of the Rabbit Foot Minstrels building and the Mississippi Blues Trail marker outside that building. Port Gibson has lost some important historic landmarks.


  3. Tragic loss for Port Gibson. My father told me stories about the Rabbit Foot Minstrels which I wish I had written down. As a child in the early 1900’s, he and his family would go visit his elderly great-great uncle Alex Stacy who operated one of the family plantations, Buckhorn Plantation (William King place) at Westside in Claiborne County. I can’t remember how he knew about the minstrel shows but he did.



  1. Port Gibson & Natchez, Mississippi ~ Bluesreviews

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