46th Anniversary of Hurricane Camille

To mark this occasion let’s look back at a collection of posts as to how we’ve previously commemorated the anniversary of the Gulf Coast’s second-most destructive storm in memory.

Last year we marked the 45th Anniversary of Hurricane Camille by taking a look at the period plaque that commemorated the high water line.

Hurricane Camille high watermark Glenn Swetman house Biloxi Harrison county. aug 26 2013

Hurricane Camille high watermark Glenn Swetman house Biloxi Harrison county. Aug 26 2013

To note the 43rd Anniversary of Hurricane Camille, we visited the Law Enforcement monument dedicated to first responders  who assisted during the hurricane.


Hurricane Camille First Responders Monument. Porter Ave. Biloxi. erected c.1970 image made c.2012

For the 40th Anniversary of Hurricane Camille we reprinted a period Sun-Herald article that listed all the historic places that had been damaged or lost due to the storm.


Tower of the Church of the Redeemer, Biloxi, after Hurricane Camille from MDAH Hurricane Camille Photograph collection.

Over the years MissPres has covered structures that were victims of Camille with individual posts. Two of these are the Frank Lloyd Wright-designed Fuller House that was on Henderson Point and the ultra modern Bill Calongne-designed Roy House in Waveland, that was taken from the landscape by the storm.

Last but not least I will offer up some buildings that were built to replace structures lost to Hurricane Camille, but were taken too soon by unnecessary post-Katrina demolitions, robbing a public hungry for familiar landmarks.  Again in Pass Christian, MissPres featured several news roundups [1,2,3,4] about the plotting of the destruction of St. Paul’s Catholic Church.  In another post about two bank buildings in Biloxi, we contemplated the Neoeclectic style that reacted against the Modernist post-Camille structures with new “Old Buildings.”  Surveying structures from that period now will help us get a better understanding of what is landmark-worthy from the recent past. Unfortunately, these buildings weren’t a part of the landscape long enough to be a part of any formal survey effort.

Is there a place lost or saved that you associate with Hurricane Camille?  If so please leave a comment.


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