Bay Bungalow

The plans for this Bay St. Louis, Mississippi craftsman bungalow are in the Edward F. Sporl Office Records collection at Tulane University’s South Eastern Architectural Archives.  The plans were featured in the just past bungalow exhibit.  Here is what information was provided along with the plans.

Edward F. Sporl. Raised Basement Shingle and Cobblestone Bungalow. [AKA Edwards Residence, McDonald Residence], 119 Washington Street. Bay St. Louis, MS. Undated. Edward F. Sporl Office Records. Edward Sporl designed this raised basement bungalow for clients in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi. Its primary floor is raised 6’6” above the foundation base. Constructed circa 1909, the residence predates the earliest Carrollton neighborhood “raised basement bungalows.”

119 Washington BSL

From Southeastern Architectural Archive’s Bungalows exhibit 2015. from Accessed 6/15/2015.

As the second story of the house that is visible in the photographs above does not appear on the plan, it makes me curious if this house might exist some where in New Orleans without a second story ?  Or it’s possible the secord story was simply omitted for clarity.

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  1. It would be wonderful if the owner of the home saw this post and told us some house history. It seems to be in good condition. Pretty paint colors.


    • The good condition is due in part to a post katrina restoration. The house has been mid block but was only the second house back to survive. The house was buried in debris, the remains of its neighbors, up to the window sills. Ill look to post some post katrina photos if I can locate them.


    • I remember the house well. Eddie Sporl, the architect was my Great Uncle and we lived on South Beach Blvd at Washington St.

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      • Do you know if your great uncle had any familial relation to the Edwards family who lived in the houses on Washington Street?


        • Not to my knowledge. Uncle Eddie was the architect on this house. My knowledge of the house comes from my family living on South Beach Blvd at the corner of Washington St. I walked past that house many times over the years.,


          • Thanks for the reply. I was curious because he designed the two house 115 & 119 Washington both for the Edwards family. I was further intrigued when I saw an obituary where he was listed as pallbearer for Emma Edwards when she died in 1945.


            • Uncle Eddie was a very prolific architect in both New Orleans and Bay St. Louis. He was also the go to guy for Sam Zemurray and the United Fruit Co. designing Zemurrary’s properties in New Orleans and Bay St. Louis, as well as most if not all of United Fruit’s properties in Central and South America, The Sporl family were also long time residents of Bay St. Louis.

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          • Read all about Sam Zemurray in John Barry’s book, Rising Tide:The Great Mississippi Flood of 1927 and How It Changed America. A must read for any Mississippian. My father was a “1927 flood refugee” living in Marx at the time.


        • I have several people with the last name Edwards in the family tree, would you have a first name for the original owner?


  2. Is the second story the “plein air” sleeping room as in the last post, due to all the windows, or just a plain ole second story? I rather like the plan.


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