Vacation Postcards: Highland Park, Meridian

MissPres is on vacation this week, but we’re sending postcards back from Mississippi’s past.

See also “Swimming Pools for Some.”

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  1. I (sort of) learned to swim in that pool mid-60’s. I thought it was huge!


  2. Is the pool still in existence?


  3. Wonderful that the pool and building are still there – I hope both in good condition today?


  4. From what I can see from Google Maps’ Street View, I don’t think they use the pool anymore, but I could be wrong. The street view was dated May 2013, which would be prime time to be using the pool, but instead, the pool is filled to the rim with GREEN water, so that made me think they weren’t using it anymore. Other than that, I’m amazed the stone building is still standing! There’s only one other structure that reminds me of that & it’s the Monkey Castle at the zoo here in Jackson.


  5. Your mention of the monkey castle at the Jackson Zoo brought a huge smile. It was such
    a fun thing to see as a child. Haven’t been to the zoo in years and am delighted to know the monkey castle is still there and being taken care of. Monkey Island and their castle – fun!


  6. My brother, Russell, was a lifeguard there several summers in the 70’s. I recently drove past and it didn’t seem to be used.


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