TR’s sights to see in Hattiesburg

You might already be in town for the MHT conference, or you’ll be heading that way this morning. Either way it should be a busy two days with all the sessions planned.  Some of my favorite places will be part of the program (East Sixth Street USO Building, Hub City lofts) but if you have any free time and would like to get about town to see the sights here is a short list of some of my favorite places to see every time I’m visiting Hattiesburg.  These are in no particular order….


Ogletree House, Univ. Southern Miss. Hattiesburg. J Baughn, 2-14-2013 accessed 4-21-2015



Ogletree House, USM.  It’s amazing to see the before and after of this tornado damaged structure.


Eaton School.  1136 Mc Innis Ave. Each time I drive by I hope that the city would provide some kind of protection to this structure.  But the city seems bound and determined to see this historic school building destroyed.  I usually pass by to make sure it’s still standing, and enjoy it while I can.

112 Hillendale Drive Hattiesburg, Miss Photo by Author 10-8-2012

112 Hillendale Drive Hattiesburg, Miss Photo by Author 10-8-2012

University Heights neighborhood.  This neighborhood south and west of Forrest General Hospital has some nice mid-century modern homes, including the home of architect Carl Matthes Jr.


Hercules Employee Clubroom. Hattiesburg c. 2010


The Hercules Employee Club. 610 W. Seventh Street.  It takes a preservationists’ eye to see the potential in this Art Moderne delight.

parkhaven gateway

Parkhaven Gateway Arch. Hattiesburg 07-25-2008 Russell Bearden, Parkhaven Neighborhood Association. from MDAH HRI accessed 4-21-2015


Parkhaven Neighborhood. Hardy Street & 22nd Avenue.  Lots of neat houses. Plus who doesn’t like to drive through an arch?

Any Misspresers have a Hattiesburg favorite or favorites that are not to be missed?  Let everyone know in the comment section!  Hope to see you in Hattiesburg.

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  1. How cool! My knowledge of Hattiesburg is limited to having successfully navigated it on the way to Biloxi. :)


  2. Thank you Mr. Rosell for bringing us these interesting homes, buildings and the entrance of Parkhaven. Enjoyed seeing and learning about some very pretty things I did not know about. The developer of Parkhaven certainly did create a grand entrance of arches. And, thank you E. L. Malvaney for your blog! My junior high math teacher Miss Pearl Hamill taught us that we should learn something new every day. Preservation in Mississippi certainly keeps that mantra alive and well for me. It is a great way to start the day.


    • Isn’t that arch great? I believe at one time it had lots of individual lights on it as well.

      I am glad you enjoy the blog so much and learn from the posts, gstone. Your comments are encouragement for us to keep this website going.


  3. I recall that the subject of the restoration of the Tatum-donated Methodist hospital, now used as HPD headquarters, was to be discussed at this event in Hattiesburg.
    My earliest memories there were from the period 1947-1954. As my siblings were being born at the hospital, after work my father would drive over and park in front where we could look up at a large oval-shaped window on the top floor–“it was the “operating,” room he said, “and look for your mother.” When he returned, he would go over to Sam Burkett’s store and buy a gallon of chocolate syrup for a chocolate malt milk shake for our supper.
    I suspect Dick Molphus may have photos in his archives.


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