Hattiesburg, Here We Come!


Listen Up! Historic Preservation Conference
April 22-23, 2015
Oddfellows Gallery, Hattiesburg, Mississippi
Hosted by the Mississippi Heritage Trust

In many ways, preservation projects are like a puzzle. You need to find the right fit of purpose, financing, incentives and talent. At this year’s Listen Up! Historic Preservation Conference, we will use Hattiesburg’s happening downtown as a laboratory to explore how the components of successful preservation projects come together. Our conference will kick off on Wednesday, April 22 with testimonials about the highs and lows of tackling the restoration of a historic place. Larry Albert, Representative Toby Barker, Sarah Newton, Rick Taylor and Abby Thaxton will share their knowledge about getting from the big idea to the big day and all the pitfalls that come in-between. After a lunch excusion to the African American Military History Musuem hosted by the Hattiesburg Tourism Commission, conference-goers will have the opportunity to work one-on-one with preservation mentors who have been in the trenches and lived to preserve another day. The day will end with a brief business meeting for the Mississippi Heritage Trust’s 23rd Annual Membership Meeting and Pecha Kucha Hattiesburg, as we ponder the meaning of place with Mike Carroll, Amber Lombardo, Matthew McLaughlin, Latoya Norman and Sheila Varnado.

On Thursday, April 23, we will shift our focus to projects that are still putting the puzzle pieces into place. Participants will work through exercises on historic tax credits and tax abatements as we discuss several intriguing preservation projects around the state that are still in the planning stages. After charting a path for preservation success, we will treat ourselves to pizza at Bianchi’s. Web Heidelberg, Hattiesburg native and former president of the Mississippi Heritage Trust, will lead us on a tour of his town, ending at The Bay, Hattiesburg’s new bed and breakfast and a great example of the wonderful preservation projects that are happening in towns all around Mississippi.

So, if you dream of what could be for that great old mansion at the end of your street or the dilapidated theater where you stole your first kiss, put on your preservation developer hat and join us in Hattiesburg this April for the Listen Up! Historic Preservation Conference.

Listen Up! Historic Preservation Conference
Oddfellows Gallery
119 East Front Street, Hattiesburg

Wednesday, April 22
9:00 a.m.-10:00 a.m.-Conference registration and breakfast at Southbound Bagel
10:00 a.m. -12:30 p.m.-Testimonials
12:30 – 2:00 p.m.-Excursion to the USO Club, Hattiesburg’s African American Military History Museum
2:00-4:00 p.m.-Mentoring Sessions
6:00-8:00 p.m.-Pecha Kucha Hattiesburg and the 23rd Annual Mississippi Heritage Trust Annual Membership Meeting

Thursday, April 23
8:00 – 9:00 a.m.-Bagels for breakfast
9:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.-Preservation Case Studies
12:00-2:00 p.m.-Linger-Lunch and a Walking Tour

Conference Registration
$95- Conference Registration

Click Here To Register:

Or visit www.listenupms.com

Conference Hotels
Call the Fairfield Inn at 601-296-7777 to request the conference rate of $89 a night before April 14.

To inquire about rates at The Bay Bed and Breakfast, please call 601-684-9200.

Please call the Mississippi Heritage Trust at 601-354-0200 or visit www.listenupms.com for more information.

The Listen Up! Historic Preservation Conference is funded in part by a grant from the National Trust for Historic Preservation Richard and Julia Moe Family Fund.

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6 replies

  1. Eaton is not an African-American Landmark as noted in this investigation of the imbroglio brought about by PC moment to hire a known “storm chaser” (J. Miller Roofing of Crawford) to roof Eaton School. My mother attended grammar school at Eaton. Miller got his money and ran back to Crawford. The only common theme I find in Benny Sellers– retired and now working for Waites Surveyors– hiring is that USM basketball Clarence Witherspoon is the next door neighbor of Miller in Crawford.



    • We raised the alarm over Eaton way back in 2010 with “Still No Roof on Eaton School” and “Whistling Past Eaton School.” In the many years since, we’ve heard that part of the second floor collapsed also due to this contractor’s negligence, but the City refuses to go after his bond to fix the damage, so here it still sits.

      I don’t think we ever said it was an African American school?


      • No, that claim was in the Hattiesburg Patriot:
        The calamity of errors now leaves an African-American national landmark on the city’s demolition list,…~Hattiesburg Patriot

        J. Miller Roofing is now re-building the “Horseman’s Club” in Crawford which was destroyed by arson two years ago–the same year that the Wayside Inn was destroyed by a known arsonist.
        The Horseman’s Club occupied the historic George W. Hairston Commissary Building. The new construction is a twelve- feet wall concrete block building and not a piece of rebar have I seen on the building site. Crawford does not fall under any building codes. The building also encroaches ten feet into a twenty-feet deed-designated alley. My protests to the Mayor and board of alderman were ignored. Ignored just as my protests to the board were over the Mayor’s “done deal” attempt to deed the M&O RR station house to Lapeyrouse Grain Corporation for “something of equal value.” Lapeyrouse wants the section house “gone away.” I’m thinking of mounting a game camera to record the action when the 40-feet roof trusses are set in place on the Horseman’s Club..


      • Yes, I followed your “special news bulletins”–as Enoch Sanders would call then–back in 2010. I’m thinking every public servant in Hattiesburg has at least one skeleton in their closet, starting with the City council members, the city and county law enforcement officials and on into the Mayor’s office, and each is afraid to point a crooked finger at the other.
        And I’m surprised that Neel-Schaefer is apparently going along with the city council in leaning towards the Tatum/York Groundworx’s unproven land dispersal scheme in its waste water treatment proposal to the city, instead of Siemen’s Verticel proven waste water treatment that is used all over the world. The Germans lead the world when it comes to organic chemistry. IMO, Groundworx sounds like an oral surgeon’s “pipe dream.” And that was the message that other waste treatment engineers appearing before council have told its members.


  2. Mr. Mulvaney~

    You might want to drive through the historic district near Hercules Powder Company next time you pass through H’Burg, before demolition takes place due to the contamination of the aquifer from years of dumping toxic chemicals in (Gordon’s?)creek. Schwartz has already got a class action suit going. One couple I know settled out of court for $3.5 million, then took off for Colorado. The Dr. Bethea House looks like something built for an Alfred Hitchcock thriller. Just around the corner, my old Jeff Davis Elementary School is missing its Spanish claytile roof.


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