In Memoriam: E. Louis Malvaney (1924-2014)

E. Louis Malvaney in front of the unfinished Charnley-Norwood House, April 2012.

E. Louis Malvaney in front of the unfinished Charnley-Norwood House, April 2012.

A few years ago, after I had been blogging using the pen-name of ELMalvaney for a year or two, I received an email that began, “I’m E.L. Malvaney. Who are you?”


Thus began my almost completely virtual relationship with E. Louis Malvaney, son of architect Edgar Lucian Malvaney. I shouldn’t have been concerned. The “real” E.L. Malvaney was just curious about who was plastering his name all over the internet. I say “almost completely virtual” because in addition to the e-mails I would occassionally receive, I had the privilege of meeting Mr. Malvaney, who went by “Louis,” in Biloxi in 2012. During our conversation about his amazing life, I found he had a quick laugh and dry sense of humor, and clearly loved life, his Savior, his family, and his work as an engineer. He was especially proud of the War Memorial Building elevator doors that his dad had installed as a memorial to World War II veterans; look for an etching on the right-hand door of a minesweeper with the designation “AM-240,” a tribute to Louis’ ship, the U.S.S. Hazard (“A damn good name for a minesweeper,” he said). He worked with his dad and brother Emmett until 1970 when he began working on projects for the government and in the oil industry. I’m pretty sure he was telling the truth when he claimed that he helped build Area 51.

A friend who reads the obituaries daily passed this one on to me. “Old Lou” died in November, but his funeral will be this Saturday in Jackson at St. Philip’s Episcopal Church. He was one-of-a-kind.

Edgar Louis Malvaney

Old Lou done kicked the Bucket.

E. Louis Malvaney died November 29, 2014, in Biloxi, MS.

Accomplishments: Servant of Jesus Christ; Graduate of Central High School, Jackson in 1942, of Mississippi State University in 1950; Served in US Navy 1943 to 1946, aboard a minesweeper in the Pacific; Was a Civil Engineer (Oxymoron?). Married Gwen Taylor in 1948 and fathered five children: Lucienne of Biloxi, Sam of New Orleans, Corinne of Appomattox, VA, George of Edwards, MS, and Christoph of Worcester, MA; grandfather of 7, great-grandfather of 4. Wrote own obituary and planned own funeral.

Memorial service is to be on February 28, 2015, at 3:00 PM at St. Philip’s Episcopal Church in Jackson, MS with visitation following service. Ashes are to be distributed in the sand dunes at Tonopah, NV.

Y’all come, wearing bright & clothing. Be happy. We’ll have fun.

Ol’ Lou.

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12 replies

  1. I’m so jealous you got to know him! I wish I had known him and he had been my friend.


  2. I sent several notes to you. Thought I was talking to Louis. Puzzle solved.


  3. For the missed opportunity, the honor of having you read my story about your father and appreciating it, on the 28th, I will don my brightest clothing and celebrate your life, E. Louis Malvaney. Many of us have come to appreciate the contributions of “the real” E L Malvaney because of Preservation in Mississippi. That has to be a good thing.


  4. Priceless! Thanks for this and for the excerpts from your interview with E.L.M. posted on Facebook!


  5. Thanks for your wunnerful story, E;L! But just to letcha know, there’s still one “real” E.L.Malvaney left…yours truly…E.L. (Sam) Malvaney Jr. (Sam is a nickname I acquired at birth) I am a longtime French Quarter resident and am a Creative Director for an ad agency here and have been following you for many years, E.L., and am so proud that you chose this great nom de plume! I’d love to meet my namesake in person this Saturday…I bet we have a lot more in common that just our name! Hope to see you there honoring “Ol’ Lou”, E.L!


    • I’ll be there, E.L., with as much color as I can possibly muster! Thanks so much for letting use your name. I walked past my favorite “real E.L” building today, the War Memorial Building in Jackson, and was so happy and proud to have gotten to know your dad, even just for a brief time, and glad again that I chose your grandad’s name. See you Saturday!


  6. I wish I had seen your post sooner..I would have been there… Louis and my dad were friends going back to childhood in the 30’s on williamson drive in jackson…Louis spoke at the funeral of my dad in 2002… my dad was billy d golden…his words bring me tears even today… his humor and love for my dad…. I called him early in 2014 to tell him about the death of my mom…wish i had attempted to reach him again…kgbrown


    • How well I remember your Dad, Billy Golden. It was a great service and I especially enjoyed meeting “E.L. Malvaney”. I sure wish you could have been there for the “celebration”.


  7. Sounds just like a good Episcopalian and a darn good party. What a loss of a find individual.


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