MissPres News Roundup 2-2-2015

This week I’ll experiment with a short, pithy news roundup instead of the usual wordy, opinionated version. 



Kiss those Kress neon signs good-bye, Meridianites, in a “preservation” project that defies the definition of preservation.

Kress signs to be preserved” by MSU, says the Meridian Star. The word “preserved,” as usual in spin articles such as this, is used in its broadest sense, which is “not preserved” (see “Just to Clarify: Demolition ≠ Preservation” if you have any questions). Thanks to MSU for making a mess of a cool building (seriously, who removes iconic neon signs?), with the approval of the MDAH Board of Trustees.


In downtown Jackson, “Edison Walthall building to be redeveloped” into 100 luxury apartments, restaurant, and other shops, according to the Clarion-Ledger. Evercore Companies of Houston, TX, will begin work this summer on the former hotel, which closed in late 2010.


New Jackson mayor “Yarber calls Farish Street redevelopment ‘an albatross,'” in the Clarion-Ledger. I can’t disagree, but then again, I think preservation is best expressed at the grassroots, not in massive crony capitalist projects that aim to transform the state’s most significant African American neighborhood into an “entertainment district” for white people.


What are Jackson’s oldest businesses? Read the Made in Mississippi blog to find out.


Laurel is celebrating the centennial of its beautiful City Hall, designed by Meridian’s P.J. Krouse, with the publication of a book, Laurel City Hall Centennial: A Survey History by Cleveland Payne. You can order a copy for $10 by calling 601-428-7376, according to the City of Laurel website.


In Natchez, “New director has vision for Grand Village,” according to the Natchez Democrat. Laurel native Lance Harris comes to the Grand Village of the Natchez Indians from 10 years of experience in Louisiana museums and hopes to publicize this important Native American site more and upgrade exhibits.


Finally, in a move aimed at both security and efficiency, “Nation’s landmarks piled in single location for easier monitoring,” according to The Onion. The location is Broadwater, Nebraska, in case you want to take a road trip to see the Empire State Building, White House, Golden Gate Bridge, and presumably, the Mississippi State Capitol all in one convenient day-trip.


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  1. I am loading the car right now; can’t wait to see the Mississippi State Capitol! I have seen all the others, but it would be cool to drive to Nebraska to see not only Mississippi capitol, but all those others, too! I could mark them off the “to do” list in an afternoon.

    Thanks for starting my day!

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