Circle G Ranch Named One of America’s Most Endangered Roadside Places


The Society for Commercial Archeology has chosen Elvis Presley’s former home, the Circle G Ranch in Lake Horn, as one of it’s “Falling by the Wayside: Most Endangered Roadside Places” for 2013. To read about the Circle G Ranch and the other four roadside treasures on the list (including the Tamale in Los Angeles), check out the SCA website,

Still trying to decide on a New Year’s resolution?  Well, why not commit to helping organizations like the Circle G Ranch Foundation save some Mississippi history?  You can visit their online store,,  and pick up a snazzy window decal or embroidered patch to proudly show the world your support for the preservation of the Circle G Ranch.

The Elvis Presley Fans of Nashville website,,  shares the information below about the history of the Circle G Ranch and efforts of the Circle G Ranch Foundation to save the place “where a king became a cowboy”:

Elvis’ former ranch “The Circle G Ranch” 10 minutes from his beloved Graceland mansion in Memphis, TN is located in Horn Lake, Mississippi on Highway 301 at Goodman Road, where Elvis lived a normal and laid-back life like a cowboy, is in serious dilapidated condition. The ranch is owned by the McLemore family and is currently for sale for millions of dollars. The property contains a small house where Elvis and Priscilla lived for a short time, before letting friend Alan Fortas live in the house as the ranch foreman. Elvis and Priscilla later moved to a mobile home trailer among his entourage who each had a mobile home as well. A BBQ pit which is almost nonexistent today, a large white cross, a bridge across water, and a two story building constructed after Elvis sold the ranch are also property features. During Elvis’ time at the Circle G Ranch he had numerous horses, farm animals, pick up trucks, and plenty of great times were had at the Circle G Ranch. This was also the place Elvis first used the medical services of Dr. Nick, it is the rumored place of pregnancy of Lisa for Elvis and Priscilla, and Elvis lost his original wedding ring at the ranch and the ring was never recovered. The ranch was a very special place for Elvis, and Priscilla has been quoted to have said “the ranch was the first place I felt like a wife, as I could wake Elvis up and cook him breakfast each morning.” The ranch has also became a place for Elvis fans to drive by and take pictures from the road. The Circle G Ranch is part of Elvis’ history for Elvis fans and it is a place Elvis fans would like to preserve. We do not need to lose this beautiful property which Elvis loved and lived at like a normal person. Hopefully the Circle G Ranch will be saved before it is too late!

Elvis Presley Fans of Nashville, President Caroline Pratt has personally visited the ranch a few times and it is a very sad place. The land is beautiful and when you visit, you can understand why Elvis loved the property. Ever since Caroline first saw the ranch and explored the property, her heart has been captivated to help save it. If you visit, please only take your pictures from the road as stepping on the property is actually trespassing and you could face legal action. The former Circle G Ranch is a place which desperately needs to be saved and restored. Please help!

There is a official organization which is trying their hardest to save Elvis’ former Circle G Ranch. The Circle G Foundation, is the organization and it was created by United Kingdom Elvis Fan, Lesley Pilling. It first started as an idea and a page on Facebook, called the “Friends of Elvis – Save The Circle G Campaign” which is now up to four thousand “likes” and is growing each day. The organization is officially a non-profit registered organization and they are taking donations to help purchase Elvis’ ranch. There are teams in the United Kingdom and in the United States with an office in Memphis, and they have ambassadors in almost every country. In the beginning myself (Caroline Pratt), was a USA team member but I had to quit due to personal life factors. The Circle G Foundation is working very hard with a website, meetings, flyers, events, and merchandize all to raise founds to help purchase the ranch. They have also reached out to businesses and government officials for help. They need all the well wishes and help possible to make the dream of tons of Elvis fans become a reality someday. Elvis Presley Fans of Nashville supports The Circle G Foundation 100%!!

If you would like to help save Elvis’ Circle G Ranch, contact Lesley Pilling and to donate to The Circle G Foundation, please visit their website.


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