Veterans Day 2014

This day we honor veterans of all of America’s wars, but especially our doughboys of the Great War, which began in 1914 and consumed a generation of men. Meridian’s World War I monument was dedicated November 11, 1927.

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All photos downloaded from MDAH Historic Resources Database, by Jennifer Baughn, 9-13-2014.

For more about Meridian’s Doughboy Monument, see “The Meridian Doughboy and E.M. Viquesny.”

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  1. What a beautiful monument. My husband’s great-grandfather was a Marine in WWI fighting in France. He was bombed with mustard gas and lost a portion of one of his lungs. My own grandfather also fought in France and Belgium in WWII.


  2. Indeed a beautiful monument and I’ll check it out in person the next time I have an opportunity to head that way. My maternal grandfather, whom I never knew, fought in WWI in France, and I’ve got his pictures from then. My paternal grandfather was about to be shipped from NY to France when he got caught up in the swine flu epidemic, then sent home.


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