Buildings or structures that were built or used by a military force.

Memorial Day 2017

“The floor plan calls for an open court at the entrance to be designated the court of honor. Dignified columns will be used to lend a cathedral effect. The structure will be situated well back from North State street, allowing a long sweep of lawn, which will be formed into a parkway.”

Veterans Day 2015

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Veterans Day 2014

This day we honor veterans of all of America’s wars, but especially our doughboys of the Great War, which began in 1914 and consumed a generation of men. Meridian’s World War I monument was dedicated November 11, 1927. All photos downloaded… Read More ›

Veterans Day 2012

First in a Veterans Day series highlighting the World War II murals at Keesler Field shown in the book Art and the Soldier, Keesler Field, Mississippi, published in 1943.