Month: May 2014

And the winner is…

Preservation in Mississippi!  That’s right, our very own blog will be receiving a 2014 Heritage Award for Preservation Education from the Mississippi Heritage Trust at the awards luncheon in Tupelo June 10.  I wonder if E.L. Malvaney will show up to accept… Read More ›

Memorial Day 2014

Thoughtful citizens must realize that when a nation ceases to build, it begins to cease to live. It is a curious fact, subject to verification in the history of civilized societies the world around, that architecture and all the other arts of peace are a responsibility that the whole community necessarily must bear. Not adventurously, then, but with deep and deliberate purpose does the United State even in time of trouble engage its resources of wealth and men in construction endeavors of the kind represented by your new Memorial.

An All-Star Cast

Are you all signed up for the Listen Up! Historic Preservation Conference in Tupelo next month? An all-star cast of Mississippi’s most creative and innovative preservationists will share their extensive knowledge about how to make projects come alive in your neck of the woods.

Architect Pics: Young N.W. Overstreet

Not only over “street”, but over two big feet he towers over everybody else. He hails from Eastabutchie, wherever that is. His entanglement with the clouds is his ever-ready excuse for being late. Hobby, using up any-body’s blueprint paper he happens to come across. Chief occupation, drawing.

Say It With Me!

The Listen Up! Historic Preservation Conference and Heritage Awards Luncheon is right around the corner! As you can imagine, we are all quite busy making plans for this fun get-together in Tupelo.  Of all the tasks on my list, the… Read More ›