Mississippi Pilgrimage 1974–Jackson and Raymond

Mississippi Pilgrimage 1974-8.jpeg


Mississippi Pilgrimage 1974-10 2.jpeg

This post is the ninth in a series reprinting the Mississippi Pilgrimage booklet of 1974. See also 

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  1. Can you tell me if the Jackson house and Magnolia Vale, Raymond MS, are still standing? I’ve been looking for recent and more detailed photos of both of these interesting places but haven’t found much so far.


  2. Magnolia Vale is still standing and occupied. It’s at the corner of Hwy 18 and Oakley Road (https://www.apps.mdah.ms.gov/Public/prop.aspx?id=14232&view=facts&y=856)

    Unfortunately, the Green House at Mynelle Gardens was demolished in the 1990s.


  3. For anyone who may be interested, I believe that Magnolia Vale is located about 5 miles east of Raymond, just to the left (west) side of the intersection of the Oakley-Palestine Rd. and Hwy 18 (Lewis Rd). The house is clearly visible in the Google satelite view of the area. You can also find a good photo of the front of Magnolia Vale included in an interesting article on the Battle of Raymond found at: http://battleofraymond.org/history/riggin-2.htm.


  4. I’m assuming that the Avery Gardens are no more seeing that it was on County Line Road between I-55 and Old Canton Road. I wonder where on County Line Road it was at.


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