Mississippi Pilgrimage 1974

Recently I acquired a booklet called “Mississippi Pilgrimage 1974” which gives good coverage to all the pilgrimages going on in the state in the Spring of 1974. Since it’s pilgrimage time, I thought it would be good Friday fun to reprint the booklet in all its two-color, hoop-skirted glory so we can compare today’s pilgrimages to those of 40 years ago.  Today you can check out the cover page and the introduction, and future Fridays through pilgrimage season will be individual towns–you may be surprised at how many Mississippi towns opened up their historic houses back in the day!

Mississippi Pilgrimage 1974-1.jpeg

Mississippi Pilgrimage 1974-2.jpeg

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  1. Wonder if all these mansions are still around, especially after Katrina on the coast.


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