Veterans Day 2013

GreenvilleArmyFlyingSchoolChapel (1024x641)

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  1. This building was the base chapel when Greenville Air Force Base was closed in 1965. Soon after that, it became the temporary home of Delta Center Stage, the community theater group still active in Greenville and now housed in the the former E. E. Bass Junior High School on Main Street. The structure has since been demolished, as have virtually every building that was constructed at GAFB.


  2. “The causes of events are more interesting than the event.”..Cicero
    The definitive work on the causes of World War One is Sidney Fay’s The Origins of the War(1928). Fay concluded that Germany’s war “responsibilty” was minimal in the grand scheme of plots, favored nations status and entangling alliances between the Triple Alliance and the Triple Entente. President George Washington warned of these same foreign policy dangers in his Farewell Address. It was at the 1919 Paris Peace Conference that the victors placed “guilt” upon the defeated Germans, introducing “make Germany Pay” reparations that were only paid in full in 2011. Writing in Mein Kamp, Hitler referred to the Versailles Treaty as that “instrument of mass extortion and abject humilation.” The Versailles Treaty also had in the seeds the wars now taking place in the Middle East.
    What is not generally known, though, is that the greatest international swindle of the Twentieth Century –the deed and title to Palestine(The Balfour Declaration) handed over to Ben Victor Cohen and his cabal of World Zionist leaders including Felix Frankfurter Louis Brandeis and Chaim Weizmann for the their behind-the-scene efforts in drawing Woodrow Wilson into WW1. Checkout William Lasser’s book, Ben V. Cohen:Architect of the New Deal.


  3. When I was a lad, living just off the MSC campus, I would catch the city bus into town from the WWI Memorial located just across Hardy from old Dome Theater.

    Sometime around the 1960s, I was told that a co-ed was molested or was somehow assaulted there at the Memorial Building. So, the Maintenace Department sent a bunch of Mississippi Bubbas down there with a backhoe to demolish the structure. I don’t know the real story, but I’m sure Dr. McCain had no prior knowledge of the demolition.


  4. Ironically, the 10Mar2013 tornado would have demolished the WW 1 Memorial building as it lies in the direct path of that tornado , as was the African American military museum and Shemper’s Junk Yard– all connected in some way in the making and profiting from war.


  5. The tornado that struck Hattiesburg occurred on 10Feb2013.

    Another prominent Mississippian with connections to World War One is that of Gregory, Thomas Watt, born 06Nov1861 in Crawfordsville, Mississippi, now Crawford The orginal town burned to the ground in 1890. Thomas Watt Gregory was the son of Confederate Major Francis Thomas Gregory, a physician, who was killed in action against the enemy and is buried at Friendship Cemetery in Columbus. Thomas Watt Gregory was appointed Attorney General by Woodrow Wilson and served during the WW1 years. AG Gregory must have had knowledge of the behind-the-scenes machinations by the Chaim Weizmann/Ben Victor Cohen cabal in undermining America’s role of neutrality in that European war. AG Gregory was Wilson’s advisor at the 1919 Paris Peace Conference. Could he have been partly responsible for Wilson’s “Fourteen Points?” There’s a university thesis in there, somewhere.


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