New Deal: Pontotoc Community House

Community house

A stone-veneered building with false half-timbered gables, very similar to the community houses in Grenada and Winona. (Mississippi Department of Archives and History, Historic Resources Inventory database Fact Sheet)

This beautiful example of Tudor style was constructed in 1935 through the New Deal’s Emergency Relief Administration program.  Mississippi had a number of community houses that were constructed through the programs of the New Deal, including not only Grenada and Winona, but also Leland, Louisville, Macon, Enterprise, Teoc, Magnolia, Magee, Soso, Raleigh, Carrollton, Oxford, and Eupora.

brick quoins

While the design of the Pontotoc House is also similar to the one in Eupora, I think the Pontotoc version is much more elegant.  Both feature brick quoining on the corners, but I like the overall approach of the Pontotoc Community House better, particularly the rock work.

moss walk

The shade around the Pontotoc House also lends itself to moss growth–something I personally find appealing.  This building also has the FERA origins on the keystone, in what appears to be finger impressions–such a personal touch from one of the builders!  You can read more about the Emergency Relief Administration in the national archives collection.

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  1. Houston had an entire park, public swimming pool, and community house built through the WPA. Houston’s Memorial Park was applauded as one of the finest in the state. Today it is sadly mostly abandoned to rot. The Community House is still in use, the pool has been filled in due to racial politics, the tennis courts have fallen into disuse. However, the main attraction is the Houston National Guard Armory which thanks to Katrina is now the oldest continuously operated armory building in Mississippi.


  2. This reminds me of a charming little cottage! It appears that it is still in use, too. Thanks for sharing!


  3. I have never heard of community houses before – thanks so much for posting this!


  4. Keep an eye out for them on your travels, and I am glad to see you back! After your long hiatus, I finally gave up on you just last week–so good to know you are back on the road!


  5. Teoc????? Please give more details!


  6. I don’t have any other information on Teoc; it was listed in the MDAH database as having a community house built under the New Deal. The Mississippi Heritage Trust indicated the chimney remained in 2009 when they listed the Teoc Community on the Most Endangered list.


  7. The Eupora Community House was constructed by the same plans as this Pontotoc Community House. In fact, the City of Eupora has their original blue prints – which are labeled Pontotoc Community House.



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