Vacation Postcards: Jackson TraveLodge

MissPres is on vacation this week, but we’re sending postcards back from Mississippi’s past.

Jackson TraveLodge, 550 West Capitol at Adams, Jackson, Mississippi. Phone 355-0734–Area Code 601. Downtown–Three Blocks from the City Center. Direct Dial Telephones–Television–Pool–Private Balconies–Restaurant–Central Air Conditioning and Heating–AM & FM Radio–Notary Public.

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  1. Thank goodness for those who saw the importance of preserving the old postcards that we get to see on your website. Love looking at all the architecture, design, old cars, clothes, etc. I believe I spy a masonry screen :)


    • sometimes the postcards are better than the buildings were.


      • Yes, they are better than the buildings themselves because folks do not remember how nice and clean the places were in their day. Folks just think about the properties falling into disrepair and becoming eyesores in the community ( well, not until the postcard jogs their memory about how nice the place was in the beginning).


  2. In spite of a mid-1970s attempt to revive the chain with new, modern properties, it is curious that the owners of TraveLodge at the time, (Trust House Forte Ltd.) did relatively little to revive or improve the chain. Its motels were originally intended to be simple, but well functioning places which emphasized getting the basics of lodging right. They lost their way and the chain has never really found its real niche, though it survives today as part of a cafeteria of lodging brands offered by Wyndham. This one seems to do its best to appear grim, though the colors are an effort in the right direction. I suspect the raised brick squares on the front were also once painted in pastel colors.


  3. I guess postcards are intended to project an image of a place that is simple, clean, and happy. Decades later we only know such places as rundown and sordid. Are we capable of doing simple, clean, and happy anymore?


  4. Can I assume that this was located in what is now the vacant lot across Capital St. from what was once Capital Street United Methodist Church?


  5. That place used to fascinate me when I was younger.


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