Early Reports Are Good from Biloxi

After the longest, determinedest tropical storm/hurricane most of us have ever endured, we’re finally starting to calm down a bit from Isaac here in Mississippi. Thomas Rosell reports from Biloxi that he lost electricity around 3 this morning but is otherwise fine. His fancy iPhone is working and he sends these pictures from his first foray out to survey the scene. From these, it looks like our historic landmarks in Biloxi at least came through just fine. Early reports from Pascagoula indicate widespread flooding, so we will hope to get some reports later from both there and Bay St. Louis/Waveland, which apparently took the brunt of the storm surge in Mississippi.

Here are Thomas’s photos, with the quick notes he passed along via text.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

For the rest of our Coast MissPresers, check in and let us know what’s up in your neighborhood and if any historic buildings need attention.

Categories: Biloxi, Gulf Coast

3 replies

  1. Any damage to the White House?


  2. thanks to tr for reassuring pics. i am guessing we will soon be back to normal–with our greatest threat to historic buildings being idiotic business decisions.


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