More Reports from the Isaac Front

More reports trickle in from the around the state as Isaac has finally trundled off, except for a couple of feeder bands that soaked me late Thursday night as I tried to walk my dog.

Thomas Rosell sent in a few more pictures from Biloxi, showing that all of our major landmarks in Biloxi made it through seemingly without difficulty.

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In other reports:

  • Lots of sand left on Highway 90 all along the Coast from the storm surge. In some communities, especially Long Beach and Waveland, the water came further in. I heard that at one point the surge was well up Coleman Avenue in Waveland, but I’m not sure how close it came to the old Waveland School.
  • This picture posted Wednesday on the Mississippi Gulf Coast Facebook page shows the side of the historic auditorium building at St. Stanislaus School, with water apparently rushing up Bookter Street. How far the water got up and how it affected the St. Stanislaus buildings is not currently known. If anyone out there knows, post a comment.

St. Stanislaus School, Bay St. Louis

  • The MS Gulf Coast Facebook page also reports no damage at the old Gulfport VA Hospital.
  • From Ocean Springs, reports indicate that water came up into the yard of the Charnley House, but not near the house, which sits far back from the beach.
  • Pascagoula had widespread flooding, and at least one tornado destroyed a house, but no reports yet of damage to historic structures in town.
  • From Natchez and Woodville, which were closer to what was left of Isaac’s eye yesterday, we heard of no major damage to structures, just some trees down.
  • And in Jackson, other than me losing sleep from getting up occasionally Wednesday night to see if a tree had fallen on my house, I have nothing to report except lots of rain and wind gusts that reached a crescendo around 10 AM Thursday.
  • In New Orleans, at least one historic double shotgun collapsed, and the beloved seafood landmark Middendorf’s in the hamlet of Akers, a favorite of many Mississippians traveling back home along I-55, was flooded. See more pictures here.


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6 replies

  1. I saw the photo of Middendorf’s yesterday on Drudge Report and wanted to mention, but didn’t know if I should since it is in LA. So happy you posted it because oodles of folks stop off there when going to NOLA from from Jackson, MS. The original bldg was not reopened after Katrina. I hope they have enough flood insurance to re-open – if they want or need to.


  2. Meant to say the original bldg was reopened after Katrina. 2 restaurants side by side at one time. After Katrina the original was reopened and the other was replaced with a new dining room and deck. I wish them the best and hope they will be OK.


  3. Middendorf’s is a classic. I hope they will reopen their doors soon!


  4. Middendor’f reopened this past Wednesday, September 12, 2012. They Had several feet of water in restaurant.


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