Round the Blogosphere 8-6-2012

This probably doesn’t qualify as a full-fledged Round the Blogosphere, but since JRGordon didn’t find much in the Mississippi newspapers for a News Roundup, I thought I’d throw out a few articles I’ve bookmarked recently from the outside world.

  • First up, whether or not you’ve been paying attention to the Carter Grove story in Virginia, you will find this update on the National Trust blog interesting: “The Not-So-Sad State of Carter’s Grove.” Be sure to read all the comments.
  • A long NPR story on Weekend Edition about the Modernist mecca that is Columbus, Indiana. Inspired by funding from local business patron Cummins Engine Co, many public buildings since the 1950s have been designed by such international superstars as I.M. Pei, Eero and Eliel Saarinen, Cesar Pelli, Harry Weese, Robert Venturi. While architectural tourists flock to see these Modernist landmarks, some more historically minded residents express skepticism about the old being thrown out for the new: Columbus, Ind.: A Midwestern Mecca of Architecture.
  • If you’ve been around on MissPres for a while, you probably have heard of Rosenwald Schools, African American public schools from the 1910s through early 1930s partially funded by Chicago philanthropist Julius Rosenwald. But have you ever heard of Rosenwald Apartments? Me neither, until I read the Chicago Tribune’s Cityscapes blog: Rosenwald Apartments were once visionary in ‘black belt’ and an update post: Neighbors Group: Rosenwald Apartment Plan Flawed.
  • Where did the chandeliers from the Robert E. Lee steamboat end up? Hint: If you’ve been around MissPres for more than a year, you’ve seen a picture of them in a Going Inside post. See “The Robert E. Lee and the Natchez, Part II” for the answer.
  • Suzassippi puts some of her newfound architectural terms to use on her “Other” blog, Red Shutters where she describes the beautiful Holly Springs Christ Episcopal Church and its steeple.

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  1. Well, that was a busy read for a Monday morning. The two different takes on the Rosenwald apartments is particularly interesting.


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